The Asian Institute for Management and Development (AMDI) (www.amdi.vn) is a science and technology organization that carries out its mission of consulting, researching and training in management and development to promote economic growth, improve the quality of human resources and create positive and sustainable changes for the organization. AMDI was granted a license by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (A573) in 2006 and is a member of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA).  AMDI provides consulting services not only in Vietnam but also across the Asia Pacific region including in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Lao PDR. AMDI's expertise extends across a broad spectrum of areas: Rural Infrastructure and Water source Management, International Trade and Investment, Tourism, Education, Vocational Training, Finance, Science and Technology, Agriculture and Rural Development, Climate Change, Human Resource Development, Organizational Development and Management, Project Management and Technical Support, Institutional Reform and Law. With hundreds of research and consulting projects successfully conducted, more than 400 training courses with budgets ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars, AMDI has developed and completed many ODA projects with the role as Project Implementation Consultant, Project Management, Technical Assistance, Supervision and Contract Management…

AMDI focuses on 3 main areas:

Consulting: AMDI’s professional services include consulting and technology transfer in the areas of international trade and investment, international commitments, sustainable tourism development, tourism research, capacity building, policy review, policy dialogue, policy research, policy support and institutional enhancement, project management, impact assessment, organizational development and human resource management, public administration, administrative reform, disaster risk reduction and climate change. AMDI’s consulting activities are needs oriented with a view to establishing and developing effective partnerships with all stakeholders. Fully understanding the clients’ needs so as to be able to determine the best solution for the client is AMDI’s working philosophy.

Training: AMDI’s training courses are adapted to meet the diverse and yet specific requirements of our clients and are conducted in a perfect learning environment. The client’s human resource development and capacity building strategies and plans are analysed and studied thoroughly. Training needs assessments are conducted to ensure training programs, modules and materials are designed appropriately.  At the end of the training, learners are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. To maximize the training’s efficiency, the knowledge, experience and skills of international lecturers are applied and combined harmoniously with the unique culture and specific conditions of Vietnam.

­Research and publication: In addition to consulting and training, AMDI’s areas of interest include conducting research and issuing publications on management, technology and science that aim to update and inform our partners and society about the most advanced techniques being applied throughout the world.. AMDI regularly implements applied research in the fields of modern management science and technology, socio economic management policies, human resource development, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, both nationally and internationally. Simultaneously, AMDI conducts market surveys on global management standards and the aspects that influence an organization’s operational capacities.

AMDI has achieved many certificates and recognition from the Government of Việt Nam. Also, AMDI has gained recognition by different donors i.e. ADB, EU, WB etc. Especially, AMDI was ranked the 1st place in the list of Vietnamese consulting firm involved in Consulting Service Contracts under ADB Loan, Grant, and Technical Assistance Project for many years from 2018 to now.

Certificate of merit from the Prime Minister in 2015

Certificate of merit from Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012


Certificate of merit from Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) in 2011 and 2013

AMDI - Top 1 Consulting Firms from Vietnam announced by ADB, 2018-2020