High adaptability and ability to mobilize human resources are key to the success of the AMDI in the field of consulting in Vietnam. After more than 10 years of operation, AMDI has built a steady position in the market today.

AMDI institute provides consulting services for the entire Project Management cycle, from the project idea phase, to the preparation, planning, survey, implementation, management, supervision and Project evaluation. AMDI institute provides customers with smart solutions created from the process of synthesizing knowledge, talent and creativity. The consulting activities of the AMDI Institute are demand-driven with the goal of establishing and developing effective and good cooperation with all stakeholders. The operational philosophy of AMDI is to deeply understand customers' requirements so that they can determine and provide the best and most suitable solution for customers.

Since its founding, AMDI institute has implemented a large number of consulting projects in many areas of the public - private sectors. Our customers are Ministries, Agencies, private organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors such as the European Union (EU), Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank. (WB), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United States Agency for International Development Assistance (USAID), Dutch Development Organization (SNV), United Nations Organizations (UNICEF, UNDP, WHO) ... Currently, AMDI is recognized as one of the leading domestic consulting organizations in Vietnam, with extensive knowledge of the market and has extensive experience in implementing hundreds of projects nationwide. The AMDI is also proud to be one of the pioneering Vietnamese consulting organizations in expanding the scope of providing consultancy services to other countries in the region such as Lao People's Democratic Republic, Thailand and Malaysia. ..

AMDI institute has established a large network of leading national and international consultants with high expertise in different fields. The team of experts is always ready to mobilize to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently. In addition, the AMDI also links with reputable domestic and international partners to always ensure the provision of harmonious combinations of local / national knowledge and innovation and creativity on international level.