In the field of education and training, AMDI Institute is particularly strong in developing programs, compiling textbooks, studying models of training, designing and organizing education and training activities / training.

Pink House Plus Preschool system is in the education system of AMDI Institute. Pink House converges experts in many fields such as preschool education, education management, quality accreditation ... with the desire to provide an innovative preschool education program aimed at the comprehensive development of children, selectively apply international education methods and ensure national preschool education goals.

With the philosophy of education gives every child the opportunity to develop available potentials and encourage the development of potential possibilities. Our belief in children's ability is both a driving force for their development and a place to show the love of each parent for their child to attend school. The Pink House curriculum is specially designed, with the succession of all the elite of advanced education in the world and developed according to the Perspective on approach to active learning methods.


The goal of developing the education sector is to build the E-Life education system into an outstanding and ever-growing school system that equips students with a strong foundation through a harmonious combination of National Education Program and International Education Program. From there, help them succeed at higher education levels and in life, while preserving the traditional values of Vietnam.