Research areas

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the sea level rise, increasing temperature, increasing rainfall and occurrence of extreme events are consequences of the climate change. Climate change poses extremely serious socio-economic and environment threats to disaster prone areas as coastal, sunken and lowland regions. Due to topography features with more than 3000km of coastal line, facing the East Sea, Vietnam is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and frequently suffers from storms, floods. Particularly, the Mekong River Delta is hardest hit by sea level rise.

In such context, the Research Center for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change, Asian Management and Development Institute was established. The Center’s goals are to conduct research, provide consulting services on policies, strategies and implementation of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation projects. In addition, our domains of interest includes studying and consulting on management methods and awareness raising activities on disaster risk and sustainable livelihood development for the disaster prone population.

To achieve the goals, the Center has already established a strong network of researchers and experts specialized in disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, environment and rural development. The Center’s research officers and consultants own Master or PhD degrees from prestigious universities in the world and have many years of working experience. The international applied disaster risk reduction and climate change solutions are carefully studied, updated to adapt to specific context of each region in Vietnam. We have always tried our best to guarantee that our research and consulting products are valid, reliable/accountable, efficient and applicable.